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  • Conference/debate : What Makes Us Think? Nature and Rule


    20 years after the exchange between Jean-Pierre Changeux and Paul Ricœur on the subject of cognitive sciences, the Paul Ricœur Association in partnership with the Fonds Ricœur invites you to a debate between Lionel Naccache, Jean-Claude Ameisen and Didier Sicard. Free admission upon registration, subject to availability. To book, please send an email to the following address:


    The conference will be held in French.

    Thursday 19th December 2019 - 6pm.

    IPT, 83 Boulevard Arago, 75014 Paris, France


  • News from the Fonds Ricoeur's team.


    After spending about ten years at Fonds Ricœur as a librarian and digital archives specialist, Olivier Villemot retired last September.

    Astrid Theveneaux, librarian at the Institute Protestant de  Théologie since 2007, has taken over at the Fonds Ricoeur and is now welcoming the researchers.



  • Since the 2nd of September 2019, the opening hours of Fonds Ricoeur have changed.

    New opening hours of Fonds Ricoeur :

    • Monday : closed
    • Tuesday : open from 2pm till 5 pm

    • Wednesday: open from 2pm till 5 pm

    • Thursday : open from 2pm till 5 pm

    • Friday : open from 2pm till 5 pm
    • Saturday : closed





  • The 2019 Paul Ricœur Prize is awarded to Serge Audier


    The 2019 Paul Ricœur Prize is awarded to Serge Audier for his book L'âge productiviste. Hégémonie prométhéenne, brèches et alternatives écologiques, published by La Découverte.


    Created in 2011 by the Association Paul Ricœur on a biennial basis, the Paul Ricœur Prize aims to reward an author who contributes to reflection and public debate in a form that enters into dialogue with the work of Paul Ricœur.



  • Conference « Paul Tillich and Paul Ricœur in dialogue ». 24-26 June 2019




    The conference « Paul Tillich and Paul Ricœur in dialogue » will take place in Paris on June 24-26 2019 at Institut protestant de théologie, 83 Bd Arago, Paris. The event is jointly organized by association Paul Tillich d’expression française (APTEF) and Fonds Ricœur.


    The full program is now available.


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  •                 Third edition of the Summer Workshops co-organised by the Fonds Ricœur and the Society for Ricœur Studies - Paris June 17-21, 2019


    Abstracts: here



    Summer Workshop 2019


    Call for papers



    The Association Paul Ricœur proposed four sponsorships for 200 euros each to participate in the Paris Summer Workshop "Ricœur reading Freud".



    The Fondation Goélands will be presenting an Award of Excellence as part of this year’s Summer Workshops at the Fonds Ricœur. All doctoral or post-doctoral researchers who are admitted to present a paper at the 2019 edition of the Summer Workshops and who wish to apply are eligible for this award. A sum of 1000 euros will reward the best paper. The Award will be delivered on 21 June 2019 and the winning paper will be published in the journal Etudes ricœuriennes / Ricœur Studies.

    The text of the paper must be sent before 1 June 2019 to:


    President of the jury: Jean-Luc Amalric, 
    Jury members: Daniel Frey, Geoffrey Dierckxsens, Jeanne-Marie Gagnebin, Morny Joy


    Homo Interpretans: Towards a Transformation of Hermeneutics

    by Johann Michel (Author), David Pellauer Professor Emeritus Philosophy Department DePaul University (Translator), Hans Joas (Preface)

    Johann Michel is Professor at the University of Poitiers and is affiliated with the EHESS in Paris. He is member of the scientific council of the Fonds Ricoeur and member of the Institut Universitaire de France. Specialist of hermeneutics and social theory, he is author of many books in French, translated into several languages, including Ricoeur and the Post-Structuralists.



    Exhibition : « Writers and thinkers around the Chambon sur Lignon region »


    Exhibition : From 5 June to 28 June 2019 -  Main Hall of Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, 54 Bd Raspail, 75006 Paris.

    Film  screening : Tuesday 11 June 2019 from 7 pm till 9pm.

    EHESS (amphitheater François Furet), 105 Bd Raspail, 75006 Paris. 

    Raymond Aron, Albert Camus, Georges Canguilhem, André Chouraqui, Louis Comte, Charles Gide, Jacob Gordin, Alexandre Grothendieck, Jules Isaac, Georges Levitte, Marcel Pagnol, Léon Poliakov, Francis Ponge, Paul Ricœur, Gilbert Simondon, Georges Vajda, Pierre Vidal-Naquet : all stayed and worked for a generation (1925-1950) in a very small territory of ten kilometres radius.  To what strange combination of circumstances do we owe such a concentration of great intellectuals on a lost plateau in the Haute-Loire?


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  • International Workshop on: Forgiving and Forgetting - Thinking after Ricoeur.


    Soochow University, Taiwan - samedi 27 avril 2019.


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  • Etudes Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 9, N°2, 2018)


    The last  issue of Etudes Ricœuriennes/Ricœur Studies (Vol 9, N°2, 2018) is now online.


    The volume was edited by Beatriz Contreras Tasso and Patricio Mena Malet.



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    Summer Workshop June 25 to 29, 2018

    Second Edition


    One Book. One theme. This is the formula underpinning our annual Summer Workshop co-orgnised by the Fonds Ricœur and the Society for Ricœur Studies, taking place in Paris. The book selected for our 2018 edition is The Symbolic of Evil. The Summer Workshop will be held from June 25 to 29, 2018 at 83 BD Arago, 75014 Paris. 


    Register now:

    Summer Workshop - Second Edition, 2018


    Summer Workshop, June 26 to 30 juin, 2017

    "Rethinking Ideology and Utopia: 30 Years Later"


    Co-organised by the Society for Ricoeur Studies and the Fonds Ricœur at Fonds Ricœur - 83 bd. Arago, 75014 Paris



    The Society for Ricœur Studies and The Fonds Ricœur have released a call for abstracts on eight topics in English only and eight topics in French only.

    Please submit your abstracts (600- 1000 words) and your detailed bibliography to - Extended deadline : March 10, 2017

    Call for papers


    The Association Paul Ricœur is proposing three sponsorships for 200 euros each to participate in the Paris Summer Workshop "Rethinking Ideology and Utopia: 30 Years Later". You have until March 24th to apply. If you are European - all the scholars that live in Europe, and you do not live in Paris, kindly send us your resume as well as a cover lettre.

    Please mention if you already have any scholarships.

    You can apply at:




  • Summer Workshop

    Second Edition. June 25 to 29, 2018


    One Book. One theme. This is the formula underpinning our annual Summer Workshop co-orgnised by the Fonds Ricœur and the Society for Ricœur Studies, taking place in Paris. The book selected for our 2018 edition is The Symbolic of Evil. The Summer Workshop will be held from June 25 to 29, 2018 at 83 BD Arago, 75014 Paris.

    Concept paper



    Register now: 

    Summer Workshop around Paul Ricoeur


    The Association Paul Ricœur is proposing four sponsorships for 200 euros each to participate in the Paris Summer Workshop "The Symbolic of Evil". 


    The upcoming session for Fonds Ricœur Study Day on March 10, 2018  « What artists do to Histoiry » was cancelled. It will be held on May 29, 2018.

  • Call For Papers: 12th Annual Society for Ricœur Studies Conference 
    NOVEMBER 2-4, 2018

    The Society for Ricoeur Studies is pleased to announce the theme of the 2018 conference “Remembrance and Recognition”. The conference will be hosted by the Mount St. Mary’s Department of Graduate Religious Studies. We are pleased to announce that the SRS keynote speakers are Professor Kathleen Blamey (California State University, East Bay) and Professor Roger Savage (University of California, Los Angeles).

    Please send the abstracts to Dr. Marjolaine Deschênes ( no later than April 30, 2018.

    SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  April 30, 2018.


  • Ricœuriana-Associação Ibero-Americana de Estudos Ricœurianos


    The first volume of "Ricœuriana–Associação Ibero-Americana de Estudos Ricœurianos", dedicated to Ricœur’s thought from an Ibero-American Perspective, is now online. Ricœuriana is a periodical publication edited by the Associação Ibero-Americana de Estudos Ricœurianos (ASIER) in partnership with Coimbra University Press. It is open to all aspects of Ricœur’s philosophy and has an ongoing call for contributions written in Portuguese or Spanish.

    You can read the first issue here


  • Book received :

    La Jeunesse d'une pensée : Paul Ricœur à l'Université de Strasbourg (1948-1956)  /
    Daniel FREY (Ed. by)
    Presses universitaires de Strasbourg, 2015, 217 p.

    Contributors : Gilbert Vincent, Anne Merker, Alison Scott-Baumann, Quan Kuang, Philippe Rohrbach, Hervé Barreau (1929-2014), Jean-Luc Petit Frédéric Rognon, Pierre-Olivier Monteil, Olivier Abel, René Heyer, Madeleine Wieger, Denis Fricker, Nicola Stricker, Daniel Frey

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    Books received


    It is with great sadness that The Fonds Ricœur learned of the passing of Domenico Jervolino this past February. His numerous books on Paul Ricœur's thoughts in particular: Ricœur. L'amore difficile, in 1995; Ricœur. Une herméneutique de la condition humaine, in 2002; or Ricœur. Herméneutique et traduction, in 2007 remain of great intellectual stature.

    We offer our deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.

  • Scientific Council Activities:

    Daniel Frey is the new President of the Fonds Ricœur's Scientific Council


    The task facing me is to push forward the digitalization of the articles that Paul Ricœur has published in different French journals, as part of an agreement with Paris Sciences & Lettres Fondation. This wonderful yet challenging project intends to provide free and universal access to Ricour's articles which have not been previously included in his books. These articles are likely to continue to move readers toward important works while completing their own.

    A brief editorial note will echo the specific context of its development and will guide readers to Ricœur's work and link them to each article. Considering the breadth of the task, I have already asked for assistance from scholars who have shared their contact information with the Fonds Ricœur. I want to extend a sincere thank-you to all scholars who joined this project: it is also a means to support the small international scientific community that attends the Fonds Ricœur on a regular basis. Those who do not know yet how to join this project, they can rest assured that in this long-term work they will find an opportunity for cooperation before 2020 !

    I also want to take this opportunity to remind you of the Association of Fonds Ricœur Alumni, created under Azadeh Thiriez-Arjangi leadership and chaired by herself "with a view to creating friendly relations and connections among current and past scholars who share interest in Ricœur's thought and philosophy". The Scientific Council, supports this structure and wishes to work with the Association members in order to give a new dimension to the Fonds Ricœur scientific activities. The possibility of organizing Study Days is a particularly obvious example.
    It is our great pleasure to extend the learning of Ricœur's thoughts with you.
    Daniel Frey

  • La libertad del Espíritu : tres figuras en dialogo interdisciplinario : Teresa de Ávila, Paul Ricoeur y Hans Urs von Balthasar /

    Cecilia Inés AVENATTI DE PALUMBO (Coord.),

    Buenos Aires : Agape Libros 2014, 405 p.

    En savoir plus