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Upcoming session for Fonds Ricœur's 2017-2018 seminars
Productive imagination, historical imagination, and social imagination


Monday December 11, 2017 (10 am to 1 pm )
Sabina Loriga: Memory between History and Literature
Olivier Abel: Representativeness, Mimesis and Refiguration, observations from Paul Ricœur. 



Summer Workshop June 26 to 30 juin, 2017

 Rethinking Ideology and Utopia: 30 Years Later



at Fonds Ricoeur - 83 bv Arago, 75014 Paris




Summer Workshop around Paul Ricœur




The Society for Ricœur Studies and The Fonds Ricœur have released a call for abstracts on eight topics in English only and eight topics in French only.

Please submit your abstracts (600- 1000 words) and your detailed bibliography to - Extended deadline : March 10, 2017

Call for papers