Paul Ricœur 2019 prize is awarded toSerge Audier

The 2019 Paul Ricœur Prize is awarded to Serge Audier for his book  L'âge productiviste. Hégémonie prométhéenne, brèches et alternatives écologiques, published by La Découverte.


Created in 2011 by the Association Paul Ricœur on a biennial basis, the Paul Ricœur Prize aims to reward an author who contributes to thinking and public debate in a form that enters into dialogue with the work of Paul Ricœur.


During the award ceremony,  Serge Audier will receive his prize of 2500 euros.


Successively awarded to the economist André Orléan for his book L'empire de la valeur, refonder l'économie, to the philosopher Charles Taylor for his life's work, to Alain Mahé for the translation, annotation and commentary of Etienne de la Boétie's Discours de la Servitude Volontaire, to Hans Joas for his book Comment la personne est devenu sacrée, the Prize will therefore be awarded for the fifth time this year in 2019.

 The Jury, composed of François Dosse (president), Jérôme Porée, Jean-Claude Monod, Michaël Foessel, Frédéric Worms, Laure Adler and Sabina Loriga, chose to award this prize to Serge AUDIER for his book L'âge productiviste; Hégémonie prométhéenne, brèches et alternatives écologiques. Paris, La Découverte.


The Prize will be awarded to him by the President of the Association, Didier SICARD, on 25 January 2020 at 5.30 pm, at the François Mitterrand Library.


Presentation on the publisher's website.