News from Fonds Ricoeur team

News from the Fonds Ricoeur team


After spending about ten years at Fonds Ricœur as a librarian and digital archives specialist, Olivier Villemot retired last September. He brought to the team his multiple skills, particularly in digitization, by initiating the digital collection of Paul Ricœur archives that can be consulted by researchers from the Fonds Ricoeur, and by making available online a selection of articles and courses given by Paul Ricœur, which are now freely accessible on the PSL portal.

His human qualities as well as his passionate sharing of readings, films and music were particularly appreciated. We thank him warmly and wish him all the best for the future.

Astrid Theveneaux, librarian at the Institute Protestant de Theologie since 2007, has taken over at the Fonds Ricoeur with different responsibilities : administrative duties, library management and documentation monitoring, among other activities.


Marion Dupuis, who is a CNRS scientific mediator and communication officer at the Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (CRAL), manages the Fonds Ricoeur website and runs social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


The work presented here was created by Olivier Villemot. You can see all his art works on instagram at  :



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