Scientific Council

Scientific Council

The diversity of Paul Ricœur’s work (Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Poetic, Ethic, History, etc.) and the variety of its audience require a collegial approach. As a result, the Scientific Council is composed of diverse and acknowledged individuals, who elect a President and a Secretary among them. The duration of the term of office of Committee members is three years, twice renewable.
The Scientific Council is responsible for the intellectual leadership and entertainment of the Fonds Ricœur. They organise gatherings and publications with the aim to establish the partnerships with other national and international institutions.


The Council:

Olivier Abel, o.abel[at]

Jean-Luc Amalric, jean-luc.amalric[at]

Michaela Bauks, bauks[at]

Rodolphe Calin, rodolphecalin[at]

Marc Boss, marc.boss[at]

Mireille Delbraccio, delbracc[at]

Michaël Foessel, foesselm[at]

Daniel Frey, dfrey[at]

Jérôme de Gramont,[at]

Jean Leclercq, jean.leclercq[at]

Sabina Loriga, loriga[at]

Johann Michel, johann.michel[at]

Jean-Claude Monod, jcmonod[at]

Roberta Picardi, roberta_picardi[at]

Myriam Revault d’Allonnes, mreveau[at]

Camille Riquier, riquier.camille[at]

Alison Scott-Baumann, alisonscottb[at]

Nicola Stricker, nic.stricker[at]

Gilbert Vincent, gilbert.vincent[at]

Heinz Wismann, wismann.heinz[at]


President: Daniel Frey


Email: Conseil-scientifique[at]