Interpreting Technology 2021


  Interpreting Technology

DECEMBER 3, 2021
 Institut Protestant de Théologie - Fonds Ricœur (Hall1) 83 Boulevard Arago, 75014 Paris

This workshop will bring together a group of scholars who are interested in the philosophy of Paul Ricœur and its relation to philosophy and ethics of technology. It will be organized in a hybrid form.
Most of the program will happen in person. During this part of the program, a Zoom broadcast will be organized and a Zoom link will be distributed to those who would like to join the program online (they will be able to ask questions in the Zoom chat).
One part of the program, the Online Session that will start at 16:00 CET, will be held primarily online, and people will be able to present their work on Zoom.
To participate in person, people will have to provide a proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

09h45:  Welcome and Coffee
10h00: Alberto Romele (University of Tübingen), Wessel Reijers (European University Institute), and Mark Coeckelbergh (University of Vienna) - Book Launch: Interpreting Technology
10h45: Ernst Wolff (KULeuven): Ricœur’s Polysemy of Technology and Its Reception
11h20: Bas de Boer (University of Twente) and Jonne Hoek (University of Twente): Let’s Narrate That Symmetry! (Online)

11h55: Break
12h10: Geoffrey Dierckxsens (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic): Prostheses as Narrative Technologies
12h45: Guido Gorgoni (University of Padova) and Robert Gianni (Maastricht University): Responsibility, Technology, and Innovation
13h20: Lunch break
14h30: Bruno Gransche (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT): Free the Text!
15h05: Alain Loute (UCLouvain): Ricœur and E-health
15h40:  Break

16h00: Online Session
16h05: Annemie Halsema (VU University Amsterdam): Narrative Self-Exposure on Social Media
16h25: David Kaplan (University of Washington): Ricœur’s Critical Theory of Technology
16h45: Fernando Nascimento (Bowdoin College) and Eric Chown (Bowdoin College): Software and Metaphors
17h05: Esther Keymolen (Tilburg University): Narrating Artificial Intelligence
17h30: Round Table with Book Presentations (Narrative and Technology Ethics & Between Daily Routine and Violent Protest)


Alberto Romele (University of Tübingen), Wessel Reijers (European University Institute), Mark Coeckelbergh (University of Vienna), Monica Gorza (Sorbonne University), and Jean-François Houle (EHESS/Laval University)